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At ISC AB, we offer a seamless end-to-end solution for premium branded merchandise, designed to elevate your brand's success. With ISC AB, you have a single point of contact for everything from design to sourcing and forwarding. We partner with forward-thinking companies in the premium segment, helping them turn their products into strategic assets that embody their brand's DNA, ensuring consistent, effective communication across every product.




Unlock Your Brands Full Potential with ISC AB'S Comprehensive Solutions:

  • Innovative R&D: We're the driving force behind your brand's next big thing.

  • Creative Design and Product Development: Your ideas, our expertise, exceptional results. Our skilled design team have extensive experience in developing top-quality products across a variety of segments.

  • Custom Labels, trims and ID Carriers: Elevate your brand's identity with unique, eye-catching solutions.

  • Global Sourcing & Production: Unmatched quality from a worldwide network of partners.

  • Third party Quality Control: Your brand, our commitment to excellence.

  • Quality Guarantee: Assurance of top-tier products every time.


  • Process & Timeline Monitoring: Stay ahead, on-time, every time.

  • Flexible Terms & Conditions: Tailored solutions for your unique needs.

  • Global Forwarding Expertise: We take care of the logistics, you decide.

With over two decades of experience and an extensive network of reliable suppliers, ISC AB has delighted countless clients with exceptional results. Our global reach spans China, Vietnam, India, Turkey, and Portugal, providing you with an unparalleled array of product options.

Discover the ISC AB advantage – where innovation meets excellence. Let's transform your brand's vision into reality.



Our Proven Track Record with Leading Brands:

  • Deutsche Lufthansa AG: Comprehensive solutions in design, sourcing, production, and logistics.

  • Austrian Airlines: Comprehensive solutions in design, sourcing, production, and logistics.

  • Miles & More: End-to-end support in design, sourcing, production, and logistics.

  • FlyingLab: End-to-end support in creative design, sourcing, production, and logistics.

  • Lufthansa Scandinavia: Design, sourcing, production since 2012.

  • Ringeltaube AG: Design and production.

  • Neste: Design and sourcing of tailored apparel collection for internal conference.

  • K&US Stockholm: Strategic sourcing and business development partner.

  • Storytel: Your go-to for tablet cover sourcing and production.

  • Centiro Solutions: Comprehensive solutions in design, sourcing, production, and logistics.

  • Slazenger (License Partner - Assignment terminated): From design to sourcing and production, we've got you covered. We're grateful for the opportunity to contribute to their success and remain ready to assist with any future needs they might have.

Join our roster of satisfied clients and experience the ISC AB difference.


In 2018, ISC AB became the global supplier for Deutsche Lufthansa AG, tasked with designing and developing employee bags in light of Lufthansa's first corporate ID update in 30 years. Following a successful 2017, Lufthansa launched the 'ThankYou' campaign to reward its employees.

ISC AB took on the responsibility of designing, developing, producing, and delivering the products to employees in over 70 countries. This included creating three different bags under two distinct brands: 'Lufthansa' for all Lufthansa employees and Lufthansa Group for employees across approximately 340 subsidiaries.

The project concluded with the successful delivery of approximately 80,000 bags to over 70 countries, all under DDP terms. Notably, three Boeing 747 Cargo planes were used for the delivery to Germany



ISC: Your Path to Premium Quality and Value.


At ISC, supplier selection is a craft, where every link in the value chain matters. We're obsessed with enhancing your brand's value, ensuring that every step, from design to materials and sourcing, is impeccable. Our reliable partners make sure your products reach you flawlessly.

Our commitment to excellence is driven by our focus on premium clients who understand the value of superior products. To maintain the highest standards, third-party audits handle quality control, freeing our clients from any unwelcome surprises.

Price and quality are intertwined in our world. If cost-effectiveness is your aim, we meet your budget while safeguarding quality to meet your unique needs.

Our proud strategy is a testament to our satisfied clients. We guarantee that our chosen suppliers share our values, and the products we source and produce always exceed your expectations.

Experience the ISC difference – where quality, value, and satisfied clients define our legacy.



Jonas Hedin
International Sportswear Company

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